A good lighting system is critical to the overall look and feel of your cabin. It brings the decor to light and makes a luxurious haven for you and your guests. Rustic light fixtures are without a doubt, the most fitting for a cabin. These light fixtures bring a warm, beautiful and earthy vibe to your cabin. They give a nod to ancient times without neglecting contemporary elements. With rustic lighting, your cabin will feel and look “magical.”

The Topanga, Glossy Black 23 "Gooseneck light


14" Dome




But choosing great rustic lighting for your cabin decor goes beyond a cursory glance; You need to pay attention to certain factors that attest to the light’s quality and functionality. Thankfully, this article has got you covered. Read on to learn how to choose the best rustic lighting for your cabin.

What to Look out for When Buying Rustic Cabin Lights

  1. Choose Fixtures that Conform with the Cabin Decor

Generally, cabin lighting should complement the cabin’s decor. So you should select cabin light fixtures that will blend with your existing decor, without overpowering or underwhelming the accents. The cabin’s general design theme will help you gauge the style of the chosen fixture and whether it will complement the room’s decor or be a contrast. Though you can choose rustic fixtures that incorporate some contrast to the cabin, you have to tread carefully, lest you jeopardize the aesthetics of your cabin.

The Hawthorne Galvanized Light


8" Dome




  1. Consider Oversized Rustic Fixtures

When it comes to cabin lighting, an oversized rustic feature is always a win! Though small fixtures are gorgeous in their own right, they may come across as an “afterthought” in an especially large room with large ceilings. So don’t be scared to go big. However, you’d need to maintain balance because an oversized rustic fixture l might feel out of place in a cabin with very high ceilings. So you can support the light by adding other fixtures such as lanterns to attain lighting equilibrium.

Gardena Matte Black 16" light


16" Dome




  1. Combine Functionality and Aesthetics

A striking cabin light fixture that is nowhere near functional is bad news. Rustic light fixtures serve different functions. Ceiling lights provided overall brightness and are great at accentuating art and sculptures. Table and floor lamps on the other hand serve as task lighting and can be used for reading playing games and other activities. But while lighting is practical, it is also emotionally oriented. It can affect our moods to a certain degree, so it

demands an aesthetic element. You can’t buy a functional rustic feature that neglects aesthetics and you can’t buy one that isn’t functional. Ultimately, the best type of cabin lighting combines both elements; aesthetics, and functionality.

Inglewood Wood Matte Black light


8" Dome




  1. Think about Rust-protection

The last thing you want is to buy a light fixture that rusts at the slightest provocation. This is why Steellightingco.com’s rustic light fixtures are rust-proof. Our lights are powder-coated to serve this purpose. We also offer optional marine-grade coating which forms a stronger shield against rust and other light-damaging elements. And because we don’t believe in boring light, our powder-coated fixtures are available in different colors such as green, galvanized, matte black, dark bronze, red and white. Thus, you can personalize a powder-coated fixture to your taste while guarding against harsh weather conditions, scratches, and rust.

Gardena Matte Black Light


16" Dome




  1. Select fixtures that Incorporate a Rustic Effect

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not all rustic fixtures add a charming vintage vibe to your cabin. Some are more modern than vintage and will compromise the rustic effect you desire. Hence, you should focus on a light’s rustic effect before making a transaction. For instance, our galvanized lights are an epitome of understated, rustic yet modern lighting. The stripped-down metallic look of our lights

is the perfect match for any cabin interior. It brings an elegant industrial feel to just about any space. They are unforgettable, charming, and rustic to the tee. Our galvanized lights like the Gardena are especially great for your cabin porch

The Hawthorne Gooseneck Galvanized Light


8" Dome




  1. Choose Dusk to Dawn Lights for Cabin Porch

Cabin lighting also entails porch lighting. You can’t light your cabin interior and neglect the porch. The porch is the first point of contact between you, your visitors, and your home.

Aside from having the power to draw a lasting impression, it also serves as a measure of security. And as far as cabin light fixtures for porches are concerned, those that are equipped with dusk to dawn sensors are the best. Dusk to dawn lights automatically come on and go off at prescribed times. They switch on at dawn and go off at dusk, providing much-needed illumination at your convenience. With dusk to dawn lights, you won’t forget to switch off your porch lights or stumble in the dark when you come home late.

The Carson, White Stem Exterior Porch light


16" Dome




  1. Determine the Light Type

Cabin lighting fixtures with rustic designs come in different shapes, sizes, land brands. Each fixture has its application and you have to pay attention to that. You wouldn’t want to install porch lights in the kitchen or vice-versa. To avoid a disastrous design flaw, familiarize yourself with the lighting type before buying the light. If you are buying online, read the attached description carefully to determine where and what the light is best suited for. And if you buy from a physical store, ask all the right questions! Thankfully, our website offers clear and explicit descriptions of all our fixtures. We have a vast array of lights suited to different applications. From kitchen island lights to porch lights to wall-mounted to ceiling lights… You name it!

  1. Determine the Number of Lumens

The brightness or light capacity of a fixture is called lumens. It is the illuminating power of light. Different bulbs have different lumen outputs. So you want to determine which range suits the space you are lighting. Cabins generally demand lighting with high illuminating power, given the vast ceiling and floors. That being said, we offer three types of light bulbs with varying lumen outputs. These include; the 8W LED bulbs that support up to 800 lumens. The 12 W LED bulbs that offer 1500 lumens and the 22 W LED bulbs to have the highest lumen output at 2500 lumens. To determine the number of lumens or lights needed in your cabin, you have to measure your cabin’s square footage and then convert that to lumens. Learn more here.

Choose the Best Cabin Light for the Best Ambiance

Choosing the best rustic cabin lighting reflects beautifully on your cabin’s ambiance. With the perfect cabin lighting fixtures, your space will exude a vibrant yet nostalgic feel. Spectacular cabin lighting pays homage to the beauty and glory of the past while beautifying the present. And don’t forget functionality, because rustic lights are literally “old-fashioned” doesn’t mean they have to be of inferior quality. Choose powder-coated anti-rust lights for lasting quality. Your cabin deserves the best rustic light there is, so don’t take our guide with a pinch of salt!


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