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LED Bulb

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LED Light Bulb
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Choosing the correct LED bulb is the last step in completing your Steel Lighting fixture installation. All of our fixtures use any medium base (E26 base) screw-in bulb rated up to the wattage of that particular fixture. If you choose to use a LED bulb you will never exceed the wattage rating on any Steel Lighting Co. fixtures.

When choosing a LED bulb there are two important factors to consider. The first is the color temperature which can range between 2700K and 6500K. The higher the color temperature the more white the light output will be. The lower the color temperature the more orange the light output will be. The second factor is the amount of lumens. The lumen output will dictate the amount of brightness or strength that a given bulb will project. You can choose between our 8 Watt – 800 Lumen – 2700K Filament LED bulb or our 12 Watt – 1500 Lumen – 6500K Filament LED bulb. Both options are dimmable and compatible with our Dusk to Dawn sensors.

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