How Our Lights
Are Made

Our lights are heavy on character and easy on life.

From the Start

Our lights are hand spun out of 18 gauge steel, since only the strongest materials can be trusted to tell the strongest stories. We’re the go-to for American made, handcrafted lights because our own personal crew creates them the old fashioned way, right here in Southern California.

Stacking it all up

We get in the zone to make sure our lights fit perfectly into your plan and that you have colors to choose from for the exterior. We powder coat our fixtures, applying with a safe, even spray and keeping the inside a glossy white for optimal light reflection. Then we quality check like it’s our job… because it is. Our products are also available in a galvanized finish – with the exception of the straight-arm. In that process, we dip each piece into a galvanizing liquid to coat the entire dome and gooseneck. This adds plenty of character and develops a bit differently every time!

Shipping a part of
our story to yours.

From the pep talk we give each light before sending it off to its new home, to the way we share with our customers, we aim to craft memorable pieces that fit seamlessly into whatever story you’re trying to tell. Each light you receive is artfully made and checked by one of our own, then carefully packed and shipped to you, to be a part of your next chapter.


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