Looking to add much-needed pizzazz to your space? Large pendant lights might be the solution to your design/decor dilemma. Whether you want to craft a cozy ambience or make a dramatic statement, large pendant lighting can take your space to new luminous heights. So, grab this buyer’s guide for some illuminating insights on selecting the perfect large pendant lights to light up your world.

Determining Your Style

When choosing a large pendant light, your first point of call is determining your style vibe. Perhaps you are drawn to sleek and modern designs that exude minimalist charm, or you lean towards vintage or industrial aesthetics such as galvanized pendant lights ━ your style preference sets the tone for the entire room and will guide your choice of large pendant lighting. Keep in mind that you are not just illuminating your space but also adding some flair and personality while at it.

Sizing Up Your Space

Next on your to-do list is sizing up your space! Once you’ve figured out your style preferences, grab a tape rule and everything else you need and get to work. Oversized pendant lights come in various dimensions, and finding the one that best fits your room’s dimensions is expedient. Take measurements of the height and dimensions of the designated space where you plan to install the pendant light.

A diminutive fixture will easily get lost in a lofty, spacious area, while an oversized one can overwhelm a smaller space. In light of this, aim for balance by choosing a pendant that will complement the room without overpowering it. Also, consider the purpose of the light, whether it’s for ambient illumination or focused lighting. The purpose is another factor that determines the ideal size and placement of your large pendant light.

Materials and Finishes that Shine

The choice of materials and finishes for your large pendant lighting plays a pivotal role in the overall aesthetics and vibe of your space. Choose from diverse options like matte black finishes, galvanized lights, powder-coated pendants, and solid materials like American steel, glass, wood, or even rattan. Also, consider the existing elements in your room when pondering on material and finish options.

For starters, do you want your large pendant light to blend in or stand out? In contemporary settings, metallic or glass fixtures are the way to go. While wooden or brass-finished pendants shine best in rooms with predominantly warm tones. It would help if you explored various textures and finishes so you could play with visual contrasts and harmonies, enhancing the ambiance and personality of your space through your choice of pendant lighting.

Lighting Functionality and Control

Large pendant lights should be more than a symbol of style; they should also serve their functional purpose effectively. So consider the kind of lighting output you need when shopping for large pendant lighting; you may need a soft, ambient glow for a cozy atmosphere or brighter illumination for specific tasks. Pendant lights are sold with various bulb types, from incandescent to LED bulbs, each offering different levels of brightness and efficiency. You should also consider the available control options for convenient and practical illumination.

Some pendant lights can be dimmed or adjusted to simulate different moods and adapt to changing lighting needs throughout the day. Smart lighting options, like those compatible with voice assistants or smartphone apps, offer even more control and convenience. Understanding the functionality and control features ensures that your pendant lights look fantastic and fulfill your practical lighting requirements.

Installation and Placement

Getting your hands on the perfect large pendant light is just the beginning; installing it correctly is crucial for maximum impact. Start by considering the height at which to hang the pendant. The general rule of thumb is to position the bottom of the pendant about 30 to 36 inches above the surface it illuminates, ━ be it a table, countertop, or floor.

Also, take into account the wiring and electrical requirements. If you are not comfortable with electrical work, it might be wise to enlist the help of a professional to ensure a safe and secure installation. Additionally, consider the structural integrity of the ceiling and whether it can support the weight of the chosen pendant light. Finally, think about placement ━  will a single large pendant suffice, or would a cluster of smaller ones create a more dynamic and visually appealing effect? The placement and arrangement of pendant lighting can significantly impact your space’s overall look and feel, so take the time to plan and execute the installation thoughtfully for the best results.

Different Shades of Large Pendant Lighting

Finally, let’s explore some large pendant lights that may appeal to your preferences and design plans:

The Westwood

Sporting a 14” bowl pendant specifically designed for the kitchen island, but looks equally great in living rooms and over tables, Westwood pendant light is the classic definition of large and luminous. And the best part? It can be installed on a sloped ceiling as the cord automatically adjusts and hangs straight down from the ceiling.

The Westwood Large Pendant Light


24" Dome

The Carson

This is a large warehouse-inspired pendant light. The Carson features a 16” dome and a rigid, galvanized stem that can be tailored for any spot in your home or space, including your porch, dining room, kitchen, etcetera. It is handcrafted from heavy-duty steel and powder-coated for long-lasting goodness!

The Carson Matte Black Pendant Light


16" Dome

The Malibu

Furnished with a 14” dome, the Malibu is a barn-style pendant light with antiquated charm. It takes its cue from industrial lighting and works perfectly as a standalone fixture or ties all spatial elements together in style. It is the perfect addition to barn interiors, laundry rooms, and restaurants.

The Malibu Large Pendant Light


14" Dome

The Manhattan

A Grand and imposing in a 20” dome, the Manhattan is a large industrial pendant light tailored for spacious rooms, aisles, warehouses and the like. It makes a bold and dramatic statement without dominating other critical elements in a room. You can use it however you deem fit, provided you harmonize style and function.

The Manhattan Large Industrial Pendant Light


20" Dome

The Rose Bowl

Outfitted in a stately 15” dome, the Rose Bowl waves a luminous magic wand in spacious rooms. It is a true entertainer of space and can be customized to suit your style. It is barn or farmhouse-inspired, which means it works well in rustic settings.

The Rosebowl Pendant Light

Rose Bowl

15" Dome





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