Are you yearning to add some pizzazz to your home while retaining its classic look? You are in luck! This year, a cool trend is mixing old-fashioned lighting style with modern design. We are talking about vintage wall sconces making a comeback, but not in a “stuffy grandma’s house way.” These updated light fixtures add a sprinkle of history to sleek contemporary spaces.

Why are Vintage Wall Sconces a Trend in 2024?

 1. Timeless Character

Modern spaces can sometimes feel sterile and uninspiring. With their exquisite design and rich history, vintage wall sconces bring warmth and character to any space. They are conversation starters, prompting questions about their origin and unique looks.

2. Sustainable Style

Eco-conscious living is a major focus in 2024. Vintage wall sconces are inherently sustainable ━ they were previously built and are ready to be loved again. By choosing a vintage wall sconce, you are giving a beautiful piece a second life and reducing your environmental footprint. Even some brand-new wall sconces modeled after vintage pieces prioritize sustainability.

3. Built to Last

Vintage wall sconces are generally crafted with superior materials and meticulous attention to detail. This translates to a sturdier construction that easily outlasts trendy, mass-produced lighting options. Investing in a well-crafted vintage sconce is an investment with enduring returns!

The Galvanized Hollywood Bowl.

Vintage Wall Sconces for Modern Homes

So, you are sold on the idea of vintage sconces, adding some oomph to your modern space. But with so many styles and eras of vintage lighting, how do you pick the perfect one? Here’s the good news: a vintage wall sconce is out there for almost any modern look!

First, consider the vibe of your room. Do you have clean lines and pops of color? Look for sconces with simple shapes and a polished metal finish, like chrome or nickel. This will keep the overall feel modern yet vintage. If your style is more warm and cozy than showy, consider a vintage wall sconce with a powder-coated shade or fabric detailing. These softer elements will complement your comfy furniture and artwork without feeling out of place.

The Green Topanga Wall Sconce.

Next, consider the scale of the sconces. Bulky sconces will overpower a small hallway, so opt for smaller, more delicate fixtures. A statement piece can be bolder in a large living room with high ceilings. Your sconce should provide enough illumination for its intended purpose. For instance, task-lighting sconces by the reading nook should be brighter than purely decorative sconces flanking a fireplace.


Installation and Care for Vintage Sconces

You’ve found the perfect vintage wall sconce to elevate your contemporary space – congratulations! Now, how do you get them safely up and glowing? Let’s walk you through a breakdown of care and installation tips to keep your vintage in sparkling and pristine condition:

Installation Tips

Safety ━ Always turn off the power to the circuit before starting any electrical work. If you are not comfortable with electrical wiring, it’s best to call a licensed electrician for help.

Matching ━ Make sure the voltage of the vintage wall sconce matches the voltage of your home’s electrical system. Most modern homes in the United States (US) use 120 volts. Research your location and work with the details.

Mounting ━ Vintage sconces might have different mounting styles than modern fixtures. Check if you need any special hardware or adapters to secure them correctly to your wall.

Topanga Gooseneck Wall Sconce.

Lighting ━ Choose the right bulbs! A vintage wall sconce often looks best with warm-toned LED bulbs, which mimic the soft glow of incandescent bulbs but have the added benefit of energy efficiency.


Care Tips

Treat with Gentle Care ━ Vintage sconces are special finds, so treat them with gentle, loving care. Dust them regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

Polish to a High Shine ━ Metal finishes can tarnish over time. Gentle metal polishes can restore the shine without damaging your vintage wall sconce.

The Westchester Rustic Wall Sconce

Be Careful with the Shade ━ Some vintage shades might require special cleaning depending on the material. Fabric shades might need gentle vacuuming, while glass shades should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Always check for care instructions on the shade itself.


Where to Find Vintage Sconces

You’ve got the design plan in mind, the perfect spot picked out on your wall ━ and now comes the exciting hunt for your vintage sconces! Here’s where to look to unearth these hidden treasures:

Thrift Stores: These are a goldmine for vintage finds, and sconces are no exception. Be prepared to dig; you might need to sort through lamps and other lighting fixtures to find your gems. But the thrill of discovering a unique sconce at a fraction of the cost is unbeatable.

Flea Markets: Flea markets are another haven for vintage hunters. Here, you can find a wider variety of vendors, so you might score a truly one-of-a-kind sconce with a rich history. Be sure to haggle a bit—flea market vendors typically expect some negotiation!

Second-Hand Stores: Consignment shops and antique stores often have curated collections of vintage lighting, including sconces. While the prices might be higher than a lucky thrift store find, the selection is usually more organized and well-maintained. Plus, you might chance upon some higher-end designer pieces you wouldn’t come across elsewhere.

Online Stores ━ Want it brand new, hand-crafted, and with excellent customer service? Look to the internet for credible lighting stores! Online auction sites and dedicated vintage decor stores are also great resources but be cautious ━ Always check the seller’s reputation and ask for detailed descriptions and photos before you buy.

Local Antique Stores ━ As an alternative, you can explore local antique stores and architectural salvage shops. These hidden gems often feature unique finds and knowledgeable staff who will answer your questions and help you find the perfect vintage wall sconce for your needs.


The Final Touch

Vintage sconces offer a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to weave history and personality into your modern space. Following these tips and guides, you can find the best vintage wall sconces, install them safely, and care for them properly. So, embrace the charm of vintage lighting and let your sconces be the glowing conversation starters in your contemporary home!


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