A well-executed lighting plan can make all the difference to your modern farmhouse kitchen. Lighting trends have evolved with the years, and kitchen island lighting is no different.

Farmhouses, in particular, have witnessed meteoric aesthetic improvements, with constantly unfolding lighting developments. With the perfect light fixtures in place, spending time on your kitchen island and the kitchen, in general, becomes a delightful, refreshing, and luxurious affair. It doesn’t matter if you are slaving over the stove, enjoying a hearty breakfast, or hosting a dinner for your friends; lighting will beautify and preserve every moment.

These days, kitchen lighting trends take on a rustic yet modern approach. They lean towards the past while acknowledging the present. They feature antique details, industrial pendant styling, distressed wood, and lavish metallic or matte finishes. Sitting at the top of the trend table are modern kitchen pendants with brass inlay like our recently launched Melrose light.

Of course, you want a dose of inspiration for your next or current modern farmhouse kitchen island lighting, and we are about to serve these in spades. So read on to learn more.

The Industrial Look is Here to Stay

Considering that today’s light fixtures were reclaimed and reinvented from old barns and factories, a modern farmhouse kitchen island can go from zero to a hundred with an industrial vibe. A large portion of DIY bloggers and Instagram influencers are switching their wooden-toned lighting or chandeliers for an industrial, two-dome setup using lights like the Carson.

This look hinges on the minimalist design trends, with notes of industrial and farmhouse. Bringing them all together for a spotlight on your island is a great way to update your kitchen lighting!

Carson Pendant light over kitchen island


16" Dome

Flush Mounts are Fighting for First Place

Alongside pendant lights, flush-mounted lighting is making its way back on set! One of the most popular ways we’ve seen people implement this lighting style is with either galvanized domes, or brass inlays. These styles add a level of contrast to the modern farmhouse kitchen island, being both minimalistic and attention-grabbing. However, this style doesn’t work for all kitchens since the ceiling height varies kitchen-to-kitchen and some are simply too tall for the flush-mount lighting to reach appropriate levels.

Galvanized Carson - Flush Mount Light in Kitchen


16" Dome

The Black and White Magic

Nothing prepares your mind for the astonishing effect of a black against white kitchen scheme. Given that many farmhouse kitchens are typically draped in white colors, it behooves your decorative inclinations to enliven the space with black visuals. The matte black exterior of our Inglewood light will perfectly punctuate your kitchen Island. Set against the airy white of your kitchen, it will introduce a visually exciting contrast that will have your guests nodding in approval and awe.

The Inglewood Ceiling Mounted Light Fixture in Black by Steel Lighting Co.


8" Dome

Brass and Black is in Vogue

When it comes to farmhouse kitchen lighting, brass is in vogue. Farmhouse owners are captivated by the distinct appeal of brass finishing. It can complement the decor you implement, as well as the more wooden tones you use, like your kitchen’s range hood.

Due to the black-on-brass contrast, this has increased in popularity in recent years and it’s why we equipped our Melrose modern farmhouse pendant light fixture with a brass inlay, so you get a unique element, meticulously detailed on the inside to complement the matte black exterior. Unlike pure brass exterior and finishing, the brass inlay and matte black contrast introduce a one-of-a-kind character to your space. It draws the eye and fascinates the mind.

The Melrose Pendant Light over Farmhouse Kitchen Island


18" Dome

The Single Pendant Light

While multiple pendant light fixtures are the norm for kitchen islands, there is no denying the elegant simplicity of a single pendant light hanging from the ceiling. In order to implement this design, you’ll need an oversized pendant light to mount over your kitchen island.

Some designers have turned to wicker pendants due to their size and mobility, but in our experience, this reduces the color contrast most modern kitchens have. In current kitchen designs, the color palette is black and white, and too many wooden tones can cause more confusion than fluidity to the appearance.

The Perfect Symmetry

We just emphasized the distinct elegance of a single pendant light, but multiple downlights arranged in rows to achieve a perfect symmetry are equally as elegant (if not more). We designed a light around this design style so we could provide customers with a solution to multiple modern design factors. Some of which are the brass inlay, multiple-pedant island lighting as well as the larger dome size.

Two or three of our Melrose lights hanging over your kitchen island is synonymous to finesse, functionality and panache. You get all its perks in a double dose, and you can’t help but be drawn to your Island each time you step into your farmhouse kitchen. This kitchen island pendant should be exactly what you need for the modern farmhouse kitchen design!

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Light, The Melrose from Steel Lighting Co.


18" Dome

Galvanized Lighting for a Contemporary and Rustic Texture

Galvanized lighting is having a moment! Interior decorators and homeowners can’t get enough of its luxurious look and feel. Although galvanized designs used to be something of the past, modern trends have taken this technique out of hiding and back into the spotlight.

Although using galvanized lighting is situational, the best application we’ve found is using multiple galvanized lights in a kitchen that already has an industrial feel. This can involve open-shelving, utensils on display that compliment the silver tones from the galvanized lighting, or large appliances surrounding the island.

The Carson Ceiling Mounted Light Fixtures in Galvanized by Steel Lighting Co.

We also have a full range of galvanized kitchen island pendant lights crafted to last and provide the best illumination for your space. You can’t go wrong with hanging this irresistible light fixture over your kitchen island.


16" Dome

Steel is the Material of the Century

Another popular design switch actually involves the material designers are using. Most people aren’t aware that most lighting fixtures on the market are made from aluminum, which is a lower-grade material that’s cheaper and easier to mass-produce. This reduces the weight, durability, and style you get from lights that are made from real steel, copper, brass, etc. Knowing this, DIYers, designers and builders are searching the market for more authentically crafted lights that will stand the test of time. We personally make all of our lights from 18-gauge steel and handcraft them in Southern California to provide a solution to this problem. Additionally, all of our lights are equipped with an E26 Medium base socket that is compatible with different types of bulb styles, so you can style and illuminate your kitchen island however you want!

Our Solution For the Farmhouse Kitchen Island, The Melrose

All features considered, our Melrose light fixture checks almost every trend on the trend table. It is a durable, functional, aesthetically pleasing, modern farmhouse pendant with many pros and zero cons. Though newly launched, it has already won the approval and love of our customers, as evidenced by one of our favorite influencers, @thecozyfarmhouse. You can’t help but love its rich design and all-around practicality. Your kitchen island deserves a light that offers all the goods, and that light is the Melrose light! Give it a look and let us know if you find something we could improve upon.





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