Love and Light: A Tale as Old as Time

Aaron and Rachel Polaroid by Steel Lighting Co.

Coming from a bloodline of light manufacturers, Aaron was naturally drawn to the lighting business. However, his journey was special, rooted in love, and good ol’ romance; Aaron and Rachel began a love story that led them to the creation of Steel Lighting Co. from their very own apartment.

Of course, every success story has its challenges, and they had their fair share. But there was no obstacle that decades of generational family experience, a closet packed with inventory and blazing determination, couldn’t tackle. It wasn’t set in stone, but they believed in starting something new and had the the feeling that it would lead them to something big… What started as a crazy plunge has grown into an uber-successful lighting company with a special focus on barn lights.


Why American-made Barn Lights?

Aaron’s family has been manufacturing light for decades, with his dad having his own light company. However, something about vintage lights stood out; perhaps it was the dreamy connection to the good old days, their striking simplicity, or their unrivaled functionality. There was also the need to fuse the old and the new, and the team worked tirelessly albeit passionately, to craft lighting that incorporated the past and the present. Prioritizing old-fashioned craftsmanship infused with modern elements, we excel at creating quality pieces that surpass the ravages of time. Lighting trends may come and go, but our timeless barn lights are forever!

Redondo Matte Black Barn Light on Garage

Why We Make Our Lights the Way We Do

Our lights reflect strength, quality, and purpose. Thus, they are hand spun out of 18 gauge steel, one of the strongest materials used in the lighting world. We are the ultimate choice for American-made barn lights because our team crafts them the old-fashioned way from Southern California, and they don’t make them like that anymore!

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our lights perfectly complement your dreams and preferences and that you have the right colors to illuminate your exterior and interior spaces. Given that, we douse our fixtures in a powder coat, taking care to apply a safe and even spray while maintaining an internal glossy white for optimal light reflection. But we don’t just stop there — we carry out rigorous quality checks like our jobs depend on it, because well, they do. We care about offering high-quality products to our customers, so we put blood, sweat, and effort into creating the perfect barn-style lights.

Taking it a step further because we are far from mediocre, we offer our products in a galvanized finish (excluding the straight arm mount).


Galvanized and Rustic

Our Galvanized options are the ultimate definition of rustic, and we just had to make those our unequaled rustic collection. To achieve the galvanized effect, we dip each lighting piece in a galvanizing liquid to coat the dome and the gooseneck. The result is a barn light with plenty of character that tells a memorable story.

This special lighting screams simple, rustic, and modern. The three powerful elements define a space and elevate the owner’s mood. You can’t help but be enchanted by the clean lines of our designs and their stripped-down metallic finish. Essentially, our galvanized lights add stylish industrial awe to any space you can think of. These fixtures are a perfect fit for farmhouses, barn houses, and all decòr ideas.

And we serve an inviting variety :

The Hollywood Bowl Wall Mounted Light Fixture in Galvanized by Steel Lighting Co.

Our wall-mounted galvanized lights add plenty of character and fitness to a vast range of spaces. Think elegant porch lights, great outdoor lights, glowing store signages, and a well-lit modern laundry room. Options include but are not limited to; the 20″ Redondo, 16″ Gardena, 8″ Hawthorne, 14″ Topanga, and the 15″ Hollywood Bowl.

Our Galvanized pendant lights incorporate a steely, fresh, and exciting look to just about any design. They are made to fit indoor and outdoor settings such as a restaurant bar, bathroom vanity, and a contemporary yet rustic barn or garage. You can choose interesting and unique designs from our varied platter. Available options include our 14″ Malibu, 16″ Eagle Rock, 12″ El Segundo, 20″ Manhattan, 15″ Rose Bowl, among others.


Bringing Farmhouse Aesthetic to Light and Life

We don’t just make barn lights for fun, passion, or business. We create these remarkable pieces because we want to be a part of your story. We weave stories that connect us from our workshop to your space, and we hold this dear to our hearts. We strive to revitalize, brighten and beautify your space by merging awe-inspiring aesthetics with peerless practicality.

Our barn lights are specifically designed to bring your farmhouse to light and life by adding vintage appeal to your space. Hence, we provide both wall and ceiling mounted barn lights to drive our mission home. Our wall-mounted lights offer different mount options, including goosenecks and straight arms, while our ceiling lights include options for cords, flush mounts, and galvanized stems. Because we understand and prioritize the essence of colors in lighting, we provide fully customizable colors per request for our domes, stems, and mounts. All of these come together beautifully to make a lasting impression in your space, be it indoor or outdoor.

A space designed with our barn lights is a space that calls to memory the rustic ambiance of a farmhouse. It is picturesque, pleasantly nostalgic, effortlessly beautiful, and functional to a fault. We may say it in words, but these pictures are a true-to-life depiction of the ultimate farmhouse-style lighting experience.


The Melrose Barnlight

straight arm barnlight

Outdoor lighting using barnlight

barnlight in matte black finish


And here is the Best Part…

All Steel Lighting Co. products are crafted out of the finest materials with skilled craftsmanship. So be it the kitchen, garage, bedroom, porch, or the great outdoors, our barn lights will stand the passage of time and deliver serviceability at their best. We believe you will come back for many more barn lights but never to buy replacements. In our opinion, nothing compares to stunning, trusted, durable, and quality barn lights and our light pieces serve these in spades!


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