In the not-so-distant past, the lighting industry welcomed the emergence of barn lights with awe and fascination. These lighting systems with their rustic charm captivated all and sundry. Amazingly, the trend like most trends didn’t vanish into thin after enjoying sparkling moments in the spotlight. Barn lights came prepared to stay and it doesn’t look like they are leaving anytime soon. But what makes them an object of exploding popularity? What is the secret to this lighting trend?  We are about to explore the facts!

A Lighting System Like no Other

Barn lights possess incredible aesthetic power and functionality. They’ve come a long way from being concealed in the past to being the key players of the present. They are lighting a vast majority of homes, adding a touch of elegance “here” and a dash of style “there”. These days you will be hard-pressed to find a home that lacks this glorified lighting fixture. They are easy to spot in a crowd, thanks to their distinct downward-fixture housed in a simple, wide shade.

Gardena Exterior Barn Light by Steel Lighting Co.


16" Dome




Barn lights can come in all shapes and sizes. Some are mounted with a gooseneck arm, and others are mounted with a straight-arm or an upward-sloping gooseneck. These shapes and sizes further increase the flexibility these old-fashioned domes have and let them fit in with many different design styles from minimalist to rustic to farmhouse.

Industrial-style lighting in all ramifications, barn lights pay homage to the vintage wall-mounted light fixtures that were a big part of early 20th century farms and barnhouses. But who would have guessed that this jewel from the past will make such an explosive comeback?

The Secret Behind Barn Lights’  Enduring Prevalence

Barn lights’ popularity didn’t just come into being, we have the modern farmhouse design trend to thank! Though barn lights were a popular trend back in the 19th to 20th centuries, they only just resurfaced (partly) because farmhouses also made a grand comeback. The past few years saw homeowners and interior decorators obsessing over farmhouse and barnhouse designs that were beautifully modernized to complement today’s architecture without sacrificing originality.

Presumably, the lot of us couldn’t get past the ambient nostalgia that accompanied a barnhouse and barn light. So we turned to farmhouse design trends to incorporate this valuable relic from the past. Barn lights naturally refresh our memories with sweet feelings of familiar comfort, warmth, and coziness. So when the opportunity presented itself, we leaped at it and made a home out of farmhouses furnished with the most beautiful and re-invented barn lights to grace the lighting scene. From doorways to store/restaurant fronts to home interiors, barn lights rule supreme! However, it will appear that there are other factors too that contribute to the light’s enduring popularity including :

   1. The Need for Oversized Lighting Fixtures

Before now, most homeowners weren’t particular about conspicuous lighting. They favored subtle lighting that blended in with the atmosphere or was completely inconspicuous. While this appeals to minimalist design (which is presently a core design trend), oversized light fixtures are taking over most homes.

The Hollywood Bowl Galvanized Barn Light

Hollywood Bowl

15" Dome




Suffice it to say, that large barn lights are the go-to fixtures for open-plan living areas. Large rooms demand elaborate lighting to enhance their living and aesthetic appeal —and to downplay the emptiness that is often associated with such plans. Farmhouses while having spacious plans also need the rustic effect of barn lights to complete the vintage look.

   2. Minimalist Design Trends

Today’s decor is mostly centered on minimalism and simplicity. Grandiose interiors are solely reserved for mansions and buildings of the past. Homeowners now lean towards minimalist designs that minimize clutter and combine understated decor elements beautifully.  The lighting scheme in a minimalist theme serves to eliminate unnecessary details while saving cost. It is the ideal look for those working with or without a tight budget.

The Topanga Glossy Black Gooseneck Light


14" Dome




And when it comes to simplicity, few light fixtures are as “minimal” as barn lights. They aren’t distracting or overwhelming. They simply light your home while maintaining an understated yet stylish look. While they are conspicuous, they are not overly so. Barn lights will draw the eye and piece your overall design together, in a subtle yet comely manner.

   3. Brass and Black Finishes are in Vogue

Because of their “outdated” past, it is easy to assume that barn lights might be boring and not in sync with current minimalist design trends. But that’s untrue! Barn light manufacturers are consistently re-inventing barn lights to suit modern preferences without compromising their vintage appeal. Part of today’s lighting trends are fixtures in black and brass finishes.

Melrose Bowl Pendant Hanging over Kitchen Island


18" Dome


9" Dome




There is a frenzied rush for these exquisite and meticulously done lighting accents — as more and more homeowners are incorporating these fixtures into their interior and exterior home and barnhouse designs. Of course, barn lights are taking the lead here. Their highly sought-after rustic composition is advantageous enough. Throw in a black or brass finishing, and we have an irresistible light fixture. Our selection of barn lights in black, brass, and galvanized finishing is a good case in point.

   4. The Desire for Industrial Lighting Design

Industrial lighting design is an age-long trend that has outlasted seasons and the passage of time. The design theme pays homage to the sturdy and understated lighting of old factories and other industrial settings. Though originally built with functionality in mind, it has evolved to include stylish design elements. They typically feature rustic shades and steel or dark-wood finishing. Considering that this lighting theme thrives on vintage, barn lights are commonly used to achieve the highly-desired industrial effect.  Each lighted corner takes you back in time.

What Makes Our Lights Different

There are barn lights and there are barn lights with a difference! Our barn light fixtures fall in the latter category. Our lights are distinctively different from the norm in terms of composition and construction. While the majority of barn lights are constructed out of aluminum, our lights are specially made with 18-gauge steel which enhances the quality. Further to this, we take special care in powder coating our fixtures to keep rust and other light-damaging effects at bay. The result is barn lights with inimitable quality and longevity. Check out our varied and exceptional offerings today to give your barnhouse, farmhouse, or home the glow it deserves.




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