Lights for My Kitchen

Whether you think of it as the heart of your home and take pride in preparing every family recipe in the book, or if you’re more the type to know multiple takeout menus by heart, the kitchen holds different meanings and different memories for everyone; and kitchen lights see their fair share of more than just meals.
Steel Lighting Co. farmhouse-style lights will bring life to your kitchen with a stunning selection of wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted fixtures. Our barn lights are designed for any style of home, whether that be industrial or rustic.

Built to Last

While all of our fixtures are UL approved for outdoor use, they look great inside too and can handle anything your world throws their way, from far flung baby food to surprise party streamers and holiday decorations. Your kitchen lights bear witness to the daily happenings of home but they’ll never pass judgement on your dirty dishes or takeout containers – and neither will we. So whatever you’ve got cookin’, we have the secret ingredient to set your story off.