Lighting plays a pivotal role in creating an inviting yet functional bathroom. While several essential elements come into play, bathroom lights over mirrors are on a pedestal. Harsh lights can get in the way of your grooming tasks and mess up your aesthetics. And here’s the thing: you don’t have to spend multiple hours scouring through endless fixtures to find your desired over-the-mirror lighting. Feel free to rely on this comprehensive guide to show you the ropes and bring your fixture home!

Choosing the Right Bathroom Light Over Mirror

Getting your hands on the ideal bathroom light over mirror is a matter of high significance that can make or break your morning and night routines. Keep these considerations in mind for a seamless shopping experience:

1. Mirror Size and Placement

Where should you install your bathroom light over mirror? Assess the size and placement of your mirror to figure out the right dimensions. Perhaps your mirror is a standalone piece but large enough to cover your entire vanity. Or you could have separate mirrors for each sink. Whatever the case, your mirror’s dimensions will determine the appropriate fixtures for your space and the quantity required. For example, a single but large mirror can use a long horizontal fixture or a pair of sconces like the Lawndale light. But if your vanity sports dual mirrors, consider symmetrical lighting on either side.

The Lawndale Vanity Light


8" Dome

2. Design Harmony

Remember, your bathroom light over mirror transcends functionality; you must also consider the aesthetic side of things. First, ensure the fixture you choose coordinates with your overall bathroom design. If your bathroom is a picture of modern minimalism, opt for sleek and well-detailed coated in matte black like the Inglewood Light . For a vintage-inspired space, explore brass or bronze-tinted sconces with intricate detailing. Pay attention to the complementary details so there won’t be any clashing.

The Inglewood Over the Mirror Light


8" Dome

3. Prioritize Light Temperature

The color temperature of the bulb you decide on is of utmost importance. Warm white (2700K-3000K) bulbs make for a cozy, spa-like ambiance, while cool white (3500K-4100K) bulbs provide crisp, bright illumination. Opt for warm tones if you want a soothing atmosphere, especially for evening routines. Cool tones work wonderfully well for morning rituals.

4. Consider Dimmability

Consider fixtures with dimmer switches. They allow you to adjust the light intensity based on the time of day or your mood. Dimmable lights are perfect for winding down during a relaxing bath or getting energized for the day ahead.

5. Integrated vs. Separate Fixtures

Some mirrors come with built-in LED lighting, eliminating the need for separate fixtures. These integrated options offer a streamlined look and evenly distributed light. However, if you prefer versatility, choose separate fixtures that you can adjust or replace as needed.


How Bright is Too Bright?

The brightness of light fixtures is measured in lumens (lm), while watts speak to energy consumption. The number of lumens that will suffice for your bathroom mirror depends wholly on your bathroom. If your bathroom is suffused in daylight with light-colored tiles, the fixture shouldn’t be as bright as a bathroom without windows and dark-themed tiles. For a poorly lit bathroom, the room absorbs more light, and you must go heavy with the illumination.

Bathroom Lights Over Mirrors Ideas and Tips

1. Make the Fixture One with the Glass: It is not always easy to style or find fixtures for a mirror that spans across a double vanity. But a surefire solution is to install wall-mounted lights directly on the glass. However, this isn’t a DIY project; enlist professional help!

2. Go Classic with Black and Gold: Black and gold are the poster colors for iconic “Instagrammable” bathroom vanity pictures and look. This is highly recommended for bathrooms with neutral or white color schemes.

3. Try Some Industrial Edge:  Nothing says tastefully and functionally furnished like industrial lighting. Industrial fixtures like the Westchester will effortlessly complement marble countertops and natural wood cabinets.

The Westchester Bathroom Vanity Light


12" Dome




4. Asymmetrical is the New Symmetrical: Hear us out; symmetrical lighting is the norm for bathroom lights over mirrors, but being a rebel also pays! You can make your bathroom feel luxe by installing pendant lights at different heights above your vanity.

5. Simple Does it Best: Over-the-mirror bathroom lighting is such a transformative take on lighting, but this doesn’t translate to “dramatic”. In bathrooms with intricate details, opt for a single sconce like the Hawthorne below,  that blends against the background to allow key elements to sparkle.

The Hawthorne Bathroom Light


8" Dome




6. Take Care with Overhead Lighting:  A bathroom over the mirror light is the rage these days, but you must tread carefully, especially where overhead pendants are concerned. These fixtures can cast shadows on your face while using the mirror, distorting the true image of things. Experts advise installing the fixture lower and closer to the mirror.

7. Space Your Sconces:  Your lights don’t have to be neck and neck with your mirrors to weave their magic. Accentuate a double vanity with two identical sconces for a near-symmetrical portrayal. Opt for larger fixtures to conceal the distance—lastly, pair with other light sources for perfectly layered illumination.

The Topanga Vanity Sconce


14" Dome




8. Be Dramatic When You Need To: The clause here is “only when needed”. Sometimes, you may fall in love with a fixture that appeals more to your aesthetic yearnings than is practical, which is fine. So, follow your instincts and go for that bold and dramatic fixture. The good thing is you can compensate with other light sources that deliver the functionality that your beloved piece lacks.

9. Elongated Lights aren’t a Bad Idea: If your bathroom is larger than life, make room for elongated light fixtures, one on each side of your vanity. The extra length delivered ample illumination to envelop the roomy space, especially at dusk. Pair with dimmer bulbs to tone down the light when the mood calls or when luxuriating in the bath.

10. You Can Do with Some Color: No rule says bathroom lights over mirrors must come in black and white. So, go on and purchase light fixtures in any color of your choice, provided it blends into your existing color palette. Many vendors offer customization options; thus, you can customize the fixture to your desired color.