More often than not, homeowners invest a good deal of their attention and financial resources to the interior lighting of their homes while sparing little thought for outdoor lighting (Porch lighting in particular). Considering that the porch is the first point of call in every home, this negligence is not only detrimental to the aesthetics of the home but the safety as well. If you are guilty of the above, there’s no better time than now to right your wrong. Check out these 2022 porch lighting trends to give your porch a much-needed facelift and a measure of security.

Dusk to Dawn Lights

As far as porch lighting is concerned, safety and security take precedence over style.  A poorly-lit or dark porch won’t do you any favors; rather it extends an open call to unwanted guests and criminal elements. Plus, you want to come home to light and not otherwise. It is no fun groping for the door or stumbling over obstacles when you arrive home at night. With this in mind, it is wise to take measures that guarantee outdoor safety and security.

This is why dusk to dawn lighting is making waves in 2022, as both commercial operators and homeowners are coming to terms with its importance. When installed, dusk to dawn lights automatically switch on at dusk and go off at the crack of dawn.  It is such a stress-free, practical and convenient method of ensuring porch security with adequate lighting.

Door Colors Meet Contemporary Lighting Styles

Gone are the days when the lighting doesn’t factor in design colors. Nowadays, interior designers target lighting styles that complement space colors including door colors. Suffice it to say that we will be seeing more practical applications of this trend in 2022, with a special focus on porch lighting. If your porch door is painted in cool colors such as red and blue, you might want to work with fluorescent bulbs. They emit a blue-tinted light that accentuates and complements these colors.

Small matte black barn light installed on porch

Incandescent bulbs on the other hand generate warm lighting with traces of yellow or amber undertones. As such, they serve to highlight warm shades like orange, yellow, and red. However, it downplays cooler colors like blue and green hues, making them dull and unappealing. If you prefer to install lights that work well with both warm and cool colors, then halogen lights are your best bet. They mimic natural light, so they scarcely alter the appearance of natural colors.

Gooseneck Lights are Taking Center Stage

Vintage lighting has been getting a lot of press lately and for good reason too − we all want a taste and feel of the charming past in our immediate environment. Thus, barn lights and gooseneck mounts have been winning the hearts of most homes and commercial facilities. In 2022, this trend is expected to quadruple. Gooseneck mounts like our Gardena lights are a sight for sore eyes. They combine functionality with aesthetics for a well-rounded lighting scene.

Gardena Outdoor Porch Lights

They are galvanized or doused in a powder coat to guarantee long-lasting durability and protect them against the ravages of rust. Further to this, they are carved out of high-quality stainless steel that is miles ahead of the low-grade aluminum barn lights that are at the core of the market today. Because variety is the spice of life, we offer them in various sizes designs, and finishing suits your porch lighting needs. Get ahead of the trend and install premium-quality gooseneck mounts on your porch today.

A Touch of Matte and Brass

2022 is the season of matte and brass-infused lighting! Light fixtures featuring brass inlays or a galvanized exterior are undeniably comely and exquisite. They turn up your space’s elegance to a thousand notches. Yes, your porch deserves a light fixture that is suffused in panache and industrial charm. It is the first place your visitors, friends, and family will encounter before entering your home, so it is only right to make it as appealing and as safe as possible.

Matte black with brass sconce on porch

Besides, you also want to come home to a welcoming and homely ambiance, so you’d do well to consider light fixtures that incorporate brass, matte, and other industrial elements. You can take it a step further by using colored bulbs to enhance its appeal. And oh, consider yourself lucky as we have an inspiring and beautiful selection of light fixtures with matte and brass incorporations for your styling pleasure.

From Complex to Simple

In the past year, intricate and complex porch lighting styles stole the scene. In 2022 however, these lighting styles are set to leave the stage and hand over to simplified silhouettes and long linear lighting. Don’t get it twisted, oversized and bold lighting options are still as relevant as ever, but the simple fixtures will garner more attention.

Simple lighting systems express understated elegance and aesthetic power. Their miniature size and singular disposition easily downplay a porch that has a lot going on; think bold colors and overpowering decorative elements. Choose smaller sconces or other types of light fixtures in smaller sizes for a refreshing and distinctive look.

LED Bulbs are forever

As the lighting world embraced civilization and technology, the need for energy-efficient lighting solutions became more pronounced. Installing LED lighting is an important step to achieving a lighting system with exceptional lifespan and improved energy efficiency. Also, energy-conscious lighting helps minimize expenditure and maintenance costs over time.

Small gooseneck sconces on porch

So many households have mounting bills to settle, so cutting the cost of power will positively improve one’s budget and expenditure costs. Plus, LED bulbs are good for the environment. So if you’d like to save the planet from the devastating effects of global warming and other climatic changes. You can start by installing an LED bulb in your porch’s light fixture.

 Light Up Your Porch

As earlier stated, the porch needs good-quality lighting to ensure safety, security, and aesthetics. A properly-lit porch is a pleasure to all those who walk through the house. It makes a warm, welcoming, and appealing ambiance. Porch Lighting has taken many shades and faces over the years and in 2022, these lighting trends are set to blow our minds and take our porches to the next level. They are the ultimate game-changer and promise to delight, serve and entertain if implemented. Of course, if you need help getting started, is your ever-reliable go-to website for all things porch lighting. Shop our varied and amazing offerings of porch lights in all shades, finishing, mounts, sizes, and style!



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