Discover the perfect ambiance with our well-detailed guide to remodeling and lighting indoor spaces with superior-quality wall light fixtures. Explore creative ideas and expert tips for illuminating your rooms effectively.

Transforming your indoor living space into a haven of warmth and style begins with the right wall-mounted light fixtures. Whether renovating from scratch or simply looking to refurbish your interior lighting, this all-inclusive guide is your beacon of inspiration. You can elevate your home’s aesthetics and functionality by strategically using wall-mounted lights. From illuminating living rooms to crafting cozy reading nooks, we will walk you through the process of creating an ambiance that’s both inviting and visually appealing.

Choosing the Right Wall Light Fixtures

The first and most crucial step in interior lighting remodeling is selecting the right wall light fixtures. With so many available options, it can be overwhelming to make an informed choice. But fret not; consider the following tips as your expert guide and compass to selecting the best wall-mounted light fixtures for your interior space:

1. Assess your Space

Before shopping, closely gauge the room you are working with or planning to remodel. Consider the size, layout and existing decor. Understanding the distinct features of your space will help you choose fixtures that provide sufficient illumination and complement the room’s style.

2. Consider the Style

Wall-mounted light fixtures come in various styles, each serving different purposes. Examples include goosenecks, sconces, lamps, barn lights and decorative fixtures. Here are some options for you to consider:

  • Hollywood Bowl:  A picture of refined elegance, the Hollywood Bowl is a statement-making wall light renowned for its bowl shape and brilliant illumination. It comes standard with a 15” wide and 12” tall dome.

The Hollywood Bowl Wall Light

Hollywood Bowl

15" Dome




  • Lawndale: The Lawndale wall light has your back and mirror if you need good-quality vanity lighting for your bathroom mirrors!  Crafted to reflect eye-catching aesthetics and unbeatable functionality, it features two 8” domes and can be customized to taste.

The Lawndale Vanity Wall Light


8" Dome




  • Hawthorne: quaint and charming; you can never go wrong with the Hawthorne wall light! It is the perfect addition to your modern farmhouse style, as it lights up your interior like no other. It comes with a standard 8” dome, giving enough room for creativity.

The Hawthorne Wall Light


8" Dome




  • Venice:  Want to show off a particular artwork or your grandma’s china in the cabinet? The Venice wall light is your best bet! A small sign light that excels at drawing the eyes with excellent functionality to boot, this wall light should be on your shopping list!

The Venice Accent Wall Light


9" Dome

Factor in Lighting Intensity and Direction

The intensity and direction of light play a major role in setting the mood of an interior space. Wall lights generally cast both upward and downward illumination, creating different effects. Bear this in mind when shopping for wall light fixtures.

Consider Energy Efficiency ━  Energy efficiency and sustainability are the talk of the town these days as the world becomes more eco-conscious.  As such, energy-efficient lighting is a top consideration. LED bulbs sit at the top of environmentally-friendly lighting solutions as they help reduce carbon footprint and cut down electricity costs.

Don’t Ignore Style and Aesthetics ━  Wall light fixtures serve a practical function and are an essential element of interior decor. Explore various design styles when shopping, from sleek to minimalistic farmhouses to classic barn lighting. Select fixtures that seamlessly blend with your existing decor or make a statement as focal interest points in your space.


Installation and Placement Considerations

Once you’ve selected your ideal and desired wall lights for your indoor remodeling project, the next step is to consider proper installation and placement. How you position and mount these fixtures can significantly influence their effectiveness and impact on your space. Find below some critical considerations for installation and placement:

Height:  The height at which you install your wall light fixtures affects or impacts the overall lighting outcome.  As far as ambient lighting is concerned, sconces typically look and perform best when mounted at eye level (around 60-66 inches from the ground). For accent lighting that draws attention to artwork or architectural details, consider varying the height for maximum visual interest.

Spacing and Symmetry

A well-balanced and harmonious interior space starts with proper light spacing and symmetry. Whether installing a standalone wall fixture or a series of them, it is imperative to space and align fixtures for a desired outcome.  Ensure that they enhance rather than overwhelm your space.

Wiring and Electrical Considerations

Installing wall light fixtures involves dealing with electrical wiring. If you are not technically savvy or comfortable with electrical work, hiring a licensed electrician to do the heavy lifting and ensure compliance with local codes is best. Don’t treat this like a DIY project, as safety is paramount.

Switch options

Turning your wall lights on and off can be a convenience or inconvenience, depending on your switch option. The room’s layout and your needs should lead your choice of switch. You can opt for traditional wall switches, dimmer switches for adjustable lighting levels, or smart switches that give you seamless control over your lights through a smartphone or voice command.

Safety and Code Compliance

Safety is a top priority for light installation and placement. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter and use the required safety gear. Also, adhere to local building codes and regulations when installing these fixtures. More importantly, enlist professional help if you are unsure.

Final Thoughts

The right wall light fixture for indoor remodeling and lighting does much more than provide light; they set the mood, enhance functionality and upgrade the aesthetics of your home. From choosing the perfect fixtures that complement your preferences and decor to mastering placement and installation tips, this guide has provided more than enough guidance! That said, we hope you’ve gained valuable insights into the art of illuminating your interior space with wall light fixtures. Ultimately, thoughtfully curated and installed wall light fixtures are a testament to the transformative power of lighting. May your space shine bright and exude the warmth and character that make a house a home!












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