Do you need help finding the perfect way to light up your backyard or patio? You are not alone! Outdoor lighting can completely transform your space, making it safer, showcasing your landscape, and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. But when it comes to mounting these lights, things can get confusing. That’s where custom pole mounts, offering a range of options and flexibility for your unique outdoor lighting projects, come in to empower you.

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In this easy-to-understand guide, we will break down the differences between these two options so you can choose the best pole mount to brighten up your outdoor space.


Shining the Light on Standard Pole Mounts 

Standard pole mounts are like the trusty sidekick of the outdoor lighting world. They are a fantastic option for many projects because they offer several benefits:

Quick and Easy Installation: Standard Pole mounts often come pre-drilled and ready to attach to your existing pole. This means less time wrestling with complicated instructions and more time enjoying your illuminated space.

Cost-Effective Choice: Since they are mass-produced, standard mounts are generally more affordable than custom options. This is perfect if you are on a budget or have a straightforward lighting project.

Wide Variety of Sizes: Standard Pole Mounts come in a range of sizes to fit the most common pole diameters. There’s no need to measure and worry about a perfect fit; there’s likely a standard mount waiting to become your lighting solution.

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Readily Available: Standard mounts are popular because you can find them at most hardware stores or lighting retailers. This means you can get your project started quickly without waiting for custom fabrication.

However, they have their limitations, as spelled out below:


Not The Perfect Fit for Unique Pole Shapes and Sizes

Standard Pole Mounts are typically designed for round poles with common diameters. If your project involves a wrought iron fence post, a square wooden pole, or a pole of an unusual size, a standard mount might not fit securely. This can lead to a wobbly installation, potential safety hazards, and an eyesore that disrupts the visual flow of your outdoor space.

Limited Light Fixture Options

Standard Pole Mounts are generally designed to hold a single light fixture. This works well for basic area lighting, but if you have a more elaborate vision in mind, you might need more time. For instance, you might want to create a dramatic entrance with dual spotlights flanking your driveway or a multi-directional wash of light over a patio. However, Standard Pole Mounts won’t accommodate these types of configurations.

Weight Restrictions

Designed with functionality and affordability in mind, Standard Pole Mounts are not strong enough for particularly heavy light fixtures. If you plan to mount powerful floodlights, security cameras, or large hanging lanterns, these mounts might not be your best bet. And using a mount that can’t support the weight of your chosen light fixture could damage the mount or even the fixture itself.

Shining the Light on Custom Pole Mounts

While Standard Pole Mounts offer convenience and affordability, sometimes your outdoor lighting vision requires a more tailored solution. And that is exactly what Custom Pole Mounts offer. Here’s why custom mounts might be the perfect choice for your project:

Unique Pole Sizes or Shapes: Do you have a wrought iron fence post or a square wooden pole in your yard? Standard Pole Mounts might not fit these odd shapes or sizes. However, Custom Pole Mounts can be designed to perfectly match your existing pole perfectly, ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing installation.

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Multiple Light Configurations: Envisioning a dramatic entrance? Custom Pole Mounts are perfect for the job. As earlier stated, standard mounts typically hold a single light fixture. But, custom mounts can be fashioned to accommodate multiple lights at specific angles, creating the exact lighting effect you desire.

Heavy-Duty Lighting Needs: While Standard Pole Mounts are not strong enough for the weight or wind resistance needed to support heavy-duty lighting systems, Custom Pole Mounts are crafted from rock-solid materials to ensure your lights stay securely in place.

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Unreserved Creativity: Custom Pole Mounts aren’t just about functionality! They can be styled with decorative elements to complement your outdoor theme. Picture a curved mount gracefully extending a hanging pendant over your patio, adding a touch of pizzazz to your space.

But while Custom Pole Mounts offer a world of possibilities, it’s important to consider their limitations :

Cost ━ Due to the design and fabrication process, Custom Pole Mounts typically cost more than Standard Pole Mounts.

Lead Time ━ Since they are tailored to your specifications, Custom Pole Mounts might have a longer lead time compared to readily available standard mounts.


 Choosing the Right Mount for You

Knowing the pros and cons of standard and custom mounts is a great first step. Here are some additional tips to help you make an informed decision:

Measure Up:  Before you explore options, grab a tape and determine the diameter of your pole. This will help you narrow down which standard mounts fit and give you a starting point for a custom quote.

Consider Your Lighting Goals:  What kind of ambiance are you trying to create?  Standard Pole Mounts work well for general area lighting, while Custom Pole Mounts can be designed for specific tasks like highlighting pathways or illuminating architectural features.

Is the Future Involved? Are you planning to expand your outdoor lighting in the future? If so, a custom mount with multiple fixture capabilities might be a wise investment.

Match your Style: Standard Pole Mounts come in classic styles, while Custom Pole Mounts can be designed to suit your unique preferences. When making your choice, consider the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Get Expert Advice: Still unsure? Contact professionals to discuss your project and recommend the best pole mount solution for your needs.

Bonus Tip: Browse online resources and lighting catalogs for inspiration! There are endless options for outdoor lighting design, so get creative and find a look you love.


A Quick Recap

Standard Pole Mounts are ideal for quick installation, affordability and compatibility with most common pole sizes.

Custom Pole Mounts offer a tailored fit for unique pole shapes, multiple light configurations, heavy-duty needs, and even a touch of design flair.

Shine on!!


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