For good reasons, American made dusk to dawn lights are a crowd favorite! They offer several irresistible benefits and give a good bang for your buck. At the end of this read, you will understand the importance and relevance of these cutting-edge light fixtures for your property.

Why are they “American Made”?

There is dusk to dawn lights, and there are American made dusk to dawn lights! Yes, the latter is distinct from the former. As the name suggests, American made dusk to dawn lights are crafted in America with superior-quality materials.

The Topanga dusk to dawn Lights

Steel Lighting’s American made dusk to dawn lights are hand spun from 18-gauge steel, one of the strongest steels to grace the construction industry. The lights are crafted the old-fashioned way in Southern California and reek of home, love, and outstanding quality.

How do Dusk to Dawn Lights Work?

Good question! Dusk to dawn lights is powered by small photocells that pinpoint ambient light and utilizes semiconductors to regulate the electric current contained in the fixture. When the photocell detects the presence of light (at dawn), the current flows, and the fixture automatically shuts off.

Conversely, the current stops flowing at dusk, which tells the fixture to turn on and provide illumination. You will agree that this technology is nothing short of amazing. With dusk to dawn lights, your property gets sufficient illumination (when needed) and conserves energy when natural lighting is available.

What it Means for you

Unwanted intruders are forever prowling the streets looking for a nest, and a poorly-lit property is a common target. That aside, mounting electricity bills is never a pleasant affair, and the good news is that dusk to dawn lights can spare you both challenges. The lights maximize outdoor security levels, which ward off unwanted guests in human and animal forms.

Since the lights are not manually operated, there’s no forgetting to turn them on or off the light at dusk or dawn. So even when there’s no one in the house, your outdoor areas will be well-lit, and intruders wouldn’t dare to do anything funny. And yes, you won’t get any surprise energy bills because you were too busy to turn off the lights during the day.

Where Should you Install Dusk to Dawn Lights?

You must have inferred that American made dusk to dawn lights are designed for outdoor application, but where exactly? Here is your answer:

Barns and Farms

Barn animals like horses and sheep are prized and highly-coveted possessions. In other words, they are susceptible to theft if not properly guarded. With American made dusk to dawn lights, you will find comfort in that your barn or farm is illuminated all night long, and All-around illumination ensures that agents of thievery or trouble will go nowhere near your barn or farm.

You should also install dusk to dawn barn lights in the entryways so you, your family, or employees can make their way into the farm at night without accidents or incidents. Interestingly, farmers referred to barn lights as “beacon lights” in the past because the appearance of one from a distance meant it would guide their steps to home or help them find their way.

 The Hollywood Bowl Barn Lights

Parking Lots

If you run a business with a parking lot, adequate illumination can help boost sales and traffic. A beautifully-lit parking lot is a sight for sore eyes, and it is appealing to passersby and prospective customers. Per contra, a dark parking lot is a major turn-off for most people for obvious reasons. For one, there’s the fear of crime and harm lurking in the dark.

Your target customers aside, your shop or restaurant will be prone to vandalism and other security issues. But if your parking lot and property are well-illuminated, you and your patrons can transact peacefully. On this note, dusk to dawn lights is perfect for parking lots.

Docks and Yards

Dusk to dawn lights is essential in docks and yards for security reasons and ease of operations. Boats find safe harbor on well-lit docks. Without proper lighting, boat drivers are bound to lose their way and run into accidents. Not to mention damages to boats and property that typically cost a fortune to repair or replace.

Backyards also need dusk to dawn lights to improve security. Plus, it creates a welcoming ambiance for outdoor festivities and events. If your yard has good-quality lighting, you can host your friends and loved ones to evening or nighttime barbecues, cookouts, games, and whatever tickles your fancy.

The Venice dusk to dawn lights in a commercial building


LED Dusk to Dawn Lighting

To prioritize energy efficiency, you should opt for LED dusk to dawn lights. As a matter of fact, we should all be kind to the planet and our wallets by prioritizing energy-saving lights. Unlike fluorescent and halogen bulbs, LED bulbs conserve energy and save up to 90% of costs.

This is because the bulbs have a longer life span than their counterparts. While you may need to replace regular bulbs every 2 to 3 years, LEDs have a shelf life of up to 20 years without maintenance. The lighting quality is also of superior quality as it generates a crisp white light that isn’t as yellow as traditional bulbs. Thus, you get vibrant, realistic, and crystal-clear lighting!

Some Classic Examples

Dusk to dawn sensors can be affixed to wall-mounted fixtures such as:

Topanga — a 14” gorgeous vintage dome that looks great on barn sides, garage doors, and patios or porches.

Highland Park — a funky 16” dome used for outdoor applications like barns, farms, parking lots, and yards.

Venice — a quaint and dainty 9” dome that highlights signage or artwork in restaurant buildings and others.

Hollywood Bowl — a bold and beautiful 15” dome shaped like a large mixing bowl. It is also excellent for outdoor applications like barns and farms.


In a Nutshell

American made dusk to dawn lights are a gift that keeps giving. For optimum performance, opt for LED bulbs. Shroud your building, farm, or barn with good-quality and stress-free lighting. You deserve this, and so does your property!