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The Inglewood, our 8″ dome, can make a big statement in your space! Pair up multiples of this farmhouse pendant light to configure over a restaurant countertop, kitchen island, or use as task lights over a work bench or desk space.


Mounting Style
Marine Grade i $250
Black Cord
Longer, Black Cord i $5 - $40


49" Long

White Cord
Longer, White Cord i $5 - $40


49" Long

Matte Black Rigid Stem
Stem Options i $0 - $110


4" Long


(MSC) RB05-01
4" Bell Box - Electrical Box i $10.00$20.00


LED light bulb$15.00$25.00


Our smallest size of the modern farmhouse pendant light is full of character and purpose. Use The Inglewood to illuminate kitchen islands and peninsulas or as the perfect addition to your modern farmhouse style. It’s a sturdy fixture that comes standard with an 8” dome and a rigid, galvanized stem that can be customized for nearly any spot you have in mind. Let us know if you’d like the stem powder coated to match your shade ($10 fee), or if you’d like a black or a white cord instead.

When you’re crafting a space full of quality and character, this small farmhouse pendant light can stand out on its own, or quietly pull everything together in style. As with every light we craft, The Inglewood is handmade from heavy-duty steel, then powder coated for the high-quality, long-lasting finish we all know and love. Despite its size, The Inglewood can make a big statement in your space, pair up multiples of this farmhouse pendant light to configure over a restaurant countertop or use as task lights over a workbench or desk space.

If you like the look and character of The Inglewood but want it wall mounted, then you’ll want to check out The Hawthorne, which provides our straight arm and gooseneck options for this small but mighty favorite.

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Black, Brass Interior, Dark Bronze, Galvanized, Green, Matte Black, Red, White

Mounting Style

12" Galvanized Stem, 12" Sloped Stem, 4 ft Black Cord, 4 ft White Cord, Flush Mount

Bring Your Story to Light


See how some of our customers have used the Inglewood to tell their story.

All in the Family

You won’t find us slinging rugs or accent vases – we stick to what we know and you get what you need, when you need it. So if you’re feeling The Carson, but want a different size – we offer the same style light with 8”, 16” and 20” domes. Want it overhead? We made it happen!

Custom Options? No Problem.

Not sure you see exactly what you’re after? Whether you call it a barn light, a wall sconce, a statement maker, or a room-changer, we want you to call it yours. Helping you craft spaces that bring your own unique story to life is something we don’t take lightly; copycats need not apply.


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