There is a fascinating relationship between lighting and human psychology. From impacting mood to boosting productivity, lighting is beyond aesthetics and visibility. This article uncovers the science behind lighting’s effect on well-being and explores practical ways to harness the psychological advantages of lighting through quality sources like farmhouse light fixtures.


The Science Behind Mood-enhancing Lighting

You’ve probably noticed how a bright and sunny day instantly lifts your spirit and how a dimly lit room makes you feel cozy. Or how some days sap the energy out of you, and you can barely muster the energy to tackle your tasks? It’s not your imagination playing tricks on you; there’s some science at play here! That radiant sunshine streaming through your window or the flickering fluorescents in your home office has something to do with your mood and productivity.

The Westchester Light with Brass in lay


12" Dome




Our brains react to different levels and colors of light, triggering an overflow of emotions and chemical reactions that make us feel over the moon or walk with a heavy heart. Let’s break it down in simple and comprehensive terms: when our retina comes in contact with sunlight, it launches the production of serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter responsible for positive emotions like happiness, joy and an overall sense of well-being. On the other side of the coin, blue light exposure, like those emitted from our screens at night, can alter our sleep patterns and increase anxious thoughts and feelings.

The science behind light fixtures (such as farmhouse light fixtures) and mood alterations are rooted in the complex relationship between light and human biological and psychological functions. The human body has an internal biological clock, known as the circadian rhythm, which regulates our sleep-wake patterns and other physiological processes. Exposure to natural light or fixtures that mimic natural light qualities, such as barn lights, ━ synchronizes this rhythm, promoting mindfulness and a positive mood.


How Lighting Influences Your Work Game

As unbelievable as it sounds, the lighting in your office or workspace isn’t just a backdrop ━  it plays a significant role in the grand scheme of things. Have you ever tried working through a mountain of work files in a poorly lit room? It must have felt like walking blindfolded in a maze, exhausting, burdensome, and with no end in sight!  The bottom line is that the light fixtures you install or let through your space can profoundly impact your cognitive capacities, focus, and overall efficiency.

Research has proven that bright light promotes focus and boosts cognitive function, making it easier to absorb information and deliver maximum performance output. On the flip side, overly harsh light or low lighting conditions can cause eye strain and headaches and ultimately affect work output.  But it is not all about quantity; quality also matters; the color temperature of the light source, be it cool or warm, also influences your mood and activity rate. So if you must stay on top of your work game, invest in quality farmhouse light fixtures like the Westchester, the Carson, etcetera.


Setting the Mood: Light up your Desired Mood

Whether navigating the corporate jungle or hustling out of a home office, understanding how to set up your light fixtures can yield pleasant work results. It will fire up your brainpower and help you conquer your workload without hassle.

The Topanga Matte Black Farmhouse Light


14" Dome




The truth is that mood-enhancing lighting isn’t reserved for high-budget Hollywood sets or luxury restaurants. You can harness the perks of quality lighting in your everyday life too. Different lighting schemes evoke different emotions and vibes. Soft, warm lighting creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere that is perfect for winding down after a long day or heart-to-heart conversations. Bright and dynamic lighting, on the other hand, energizes a space and is ideal for brainstorming sessions, intense workouts, and other high-performance activities.

You can’t just flip a switch and hope for a productive day; you need to make the lights work in your favor. One surefire way to set up a lighting scheme that targets productivity and mood is to layer and combine lights. Install ambient, task, and accent lighting to craft a space that is both mood-uplifting and constructive. Use dimmer switches or smart technology to adjust the intensity per your preference. If you want to work, go for ambient and task light fixtures. If you want to relax, throw in accent lights like the Hawthorne, a cute miniature sconce.


How to Optimize Your Lighting Routine

Now that we’ve cracked the code on how lighting can affect your mood and productivity, we will put this valuable knowledge into action next. Here are some practical steps to incorporate into your daily routine for optimum mood and productivity-enhancing illumination. A minor tweak here and there can make a difference in your existing lighting scheme. Whether you have farmhouse light fixtures or galvanized lights, these tips will reshape your lighting routine:

Morning Sunshine

Wake up to a bright and sun-lit room for an instant boost of energy and a spark of creativity! Make it a habit to open your curtains at the crack of dawn, so sunlight can flood your room, regulate your circadian rhythm, and carve the path to a joyful and productive day.

Midday Illumination

Midday slump can drag you into the doldrums, but quality and well-structured lighting can counteract it.  Try transitioning to bright and cool light at lunch to keep post-lunch exhaustion at bay so you can attack your tasks with renewed vigor and laser focus.

The Carson Farmhouse Light


16" Dome

Golden Hour Wind Down

Once you notice the sun hiding behind the clouds, transition to warm and soft lighting. This will help your body relax and wind down after a long day at work. By winding down before bed, you can sleep like a baby and wake up full of energy!

Task-tailored Lighting

Always tailor your lighting to suit specific tasks. Reserved soft and focused lights for reading, bright lights for intricate work, and gentle ambient lighting to relax and engage with a loved one.


In a Nutshell

All things considered; lighting is far more than a visibility tool. It can enhance mood and productivity when used and set up right. Whether it is farmhouse light fixtures or contemporary light pieces like brass barn lights, it is crucial to harness the power of lighting to promote productivity and improve mood!