3 Ways You Can Instantly Upgrade Your Kitchen with These Simple Tricks

The kitchen is often considered the beating heart of any self-respecting home and is often the place where there’s the most foot traffic. Whether from habitual snackers, busy stay at home parents, or those families that like to eat at a table in the kitchen, there’s plenty of time where the kitchen is going to see some use.

And just like any other space that sees a lot of action, the aesthetics of a good kitchen are often made secondary to its degree of utility. As a result, a lot of kitchen design in the last couple of decades hasn’t changed as dramatically as the decor of the rest of the house, with kitchens often staying the same throughout much of a house’s lifespan.

But never fear! We at Steel Lighting Co. have got a few simple tips for you to use to bring some much-needed life back into your kitchen, without the hassle of spending cash on a complete renovation.

Also, no – this guide isn’t going to feature any of those weird tips your grandmother or aunt told you to do, like spraying your countertops with the vinegar or putting a curtain over your dishwasher to hide the fact that yes, you actually clean your dishes from time to time.

No, this guide is going to give you the kind of tips that’ll make your kitchen shine like the day it was first put together.

It’s All About Color

Color is a pretty funny thing, humans get pretty picky about it – especially when we’re choosing what, where, and when to eat something.

In fact, it’s a bonafide fact that humans can see more shades of green than any other color in the visual spectrum.

“Why?” you ask?

Because being able to know the exact shade of green something becomes pretty important when you’re trying to figure out the difference between the tasty looking plant that won’t poison you and the equally tasty looking plant that will…

To go a step further, color has been connected to changes in mood and disposition, with colors such as blue and teal being considered more “calming” and colors such as red creating more “passionate” responses in people.

So what does this all have to do with the color of your kitchen?

Well, the science says that choosing the right color for your kitchen walls or cupboards can be a great way to set the mood and even make food tastier in the process.

Red is an obvious choice and is something used frequently in restaurants as a way to make people hungrier for the food they’re about to order. (Just try and remember that last time you stepped into a steakhouse that didn’t have red or burgundy walls.)

But, if you want the ultimate color choice for your kitchen, then white is going to be the absolute best bet.

Steel Lighting Co The Rose Bowl Ceiling Mounted Light Fixture Green

Why white? Because if there’s anything people value now, more than anything in the world, it’s knowing that what they’re putting in their bodies is going to be clean and free from germs or contamination. This is where white shines as a color, being able to provide a perception of cleanliness and sanitation in whatever room it’s mostly present.

Even better, with a neat selection of ceiling or wall-mounted lights in the home, the fresh white walls of a kitchen will instantly shine and make an otherwise dreary and average kitchen into a bright and clean space for preparing and eating food.


Introduce Some Flora

On the subject of the color green and plants, as mentioned above, it goes without saying that adding a houseplant is usually an instant hit inside of just about any room in the house. That is no less true for the kitchen, with the humble house plant standing tall as an ideal way to upgrade any kitchen without breaking the bank in the process.

A separate study found that by adding a simple houseplant to any room, the happiness of those individuals within the room improved dramatically.

Similarly, adding a houseplant or two to a room, particularly one with heavy foot traffic like a kitchen, can bring up the air quality considerably, making the space a much more welcoming and odor-free zone than ever before!

If you have houseplants that you plan on hanging on the ceilings or walls, a great idea to make them pop is to have a great lighting setup with them. Allowing your houseplants an opportunity to really sparkle when given the right kind of spotlight to bring a family space, like a kitchen, together.

ceiling light mount fixtures hanging in kitchen island

Non-Figurative Fixtures

Another idea to really help your kitchen instantly pop is to bring in a new set of colored, or steel fixtures. Whether they’re for the lights, like our line of galvanized ceiling and wall lights, or by redoing the faucets or handles of the cupboards, small changes like this can be a powerful way to quickly bring new life into a tired kitchen and are often pretty cheap compared to a full renovation.

On the subject of our galvanized line, having a brilliant light is sometimes a matter of getting the absolute best out of your light source, kitchen work can make even the most seasoned chef prone to the occasional mistake or accident, so having the right kind of light can quickly change a potential accident into a clearly visible and manageable task. So be sure to always, always invest in the best lights you can.

And that’s it! Having a kitchen that’s built purely for function rather than aesthetic is nothing to be ashamed of, as any working mom will tell you, but the difference between a drab and otherwise uninteresting space to prepare your food and an awesome and fun space that makes you eager to try out that new recipe isn’t as big as you’d usually believe.

With just a few adjustments, and additions, a beautiful and serene kitchen, for you and your family, can one day be yours.