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Wendy Zock

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Our Characters is our opportunity to feature the most valuable people in our business…you! While we take great pride in the product we make, it is nothing without the spaces that Our Characters are creating.


Hi! My name is Wendy AKA The Curated Farmhouse. I love a good DIY project, and helping people create warm and cozy spaces in their homes. Interior design is a huge passion of mine.

I fell in love with a soldier. Although we moved from place to place, I always found a way to make our house a home. Because wherever we were together was always where I was meant to be. My heart, My love, My hero! He retired after 20 years of service and we now live in his hometown, Portage PA.

I am a mom of three boys. Being a mom has taught me everything. I’ve learned how to love unconditionally, to be patient, and how to celebrate life. I have found strength, perspective, and understanding.

I am a breast cancer survivor of eight years. I wear my ribbon proudly. Celebrating all my sisters, who are not here today. I appreciate and celebrate each day, God has given me on this Earth. I work to put good back into the world, and show love and kindness to everyone I meet.

What got you into interior design?

Marrying a military man we moved every year or so. I never felt home until everything was unpacked and in its place. This was a necessity for us to begin to feel comfortable within our four walls. My goal is to help other people find their style, and find their comfort within their homes.

Which room of your house is your favorite, and why?

The Kitchen. This is where my family gathers, and breaks bread. We love to cook together. My children and husband are always helping me bake, and cook. Spending this time together, making memories, is why I love this space the most.

What’s your favorite part of working on a new project?

I love working on new projects. From start to finish you are always learning, sometimes from mistakes. I think the planning stage of a project is my favorite. Having a blank slate and realizing the possibilities of a project. Changing a space from the before to the after is invigorating. I also love the end stage of bringing your idea to live and revealing the transformation.

Do you prefer using Steel Lighting Co. for interior or exterior lighting, and why?

I love Steel Lighting. We have it in our dining room over our kitchen table. However, I would love to have their outdoor lighting as well. It is beautiful and makes a statement in any room you use it in.

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