3 Ways the Right Kind of Lighting Can Change How Customers See Your Business

The psychology of the customer experience is something just about everyone has an opinion on. In entrepreneurial circles, that moment in time, from when a customer enters a store and when they walk out having spent money, is the most important moment in the businesses’ day-to-day existence and it’s that very moment we’re going to put a light on.

The thing most people forget is that the devil lies in the details; sure, you could have some really great products that speak for themselves as quality pieces to own or use, but even the best-made product can go nowhere if it isn’t presented right.

So what’s the first step to making sure your product or service for your business is the best presented it can be? Well, look no further than the humble light fixture.

Light can arguably be the most crucial part of presenting a product to the masses, good lighting can make an item or signboard sparkle, make food look tastier, and make the surface of a product look cleaner and sleeker than previously thought.

But, in case you’re still remaining unconvinced, here are a few examples of what we mean:

How Light Can Make Your Food Taste Better

It’s scientifically proven that humans, almost as much as their stomachs, eat with their eyes.

Ok…so yeah that does sound really strange, but hear us out. Humans judge food first and foremost by the way it looks before anything else. Texture, temperature, color, and content are all factors that we immediately judge our food with when we first look at it.

Having the right light shine on our food can suddenly become a massive factor between deciding what to eat and where, and it’s easy to see why.

I mean, what would you rather eat:

A big red juicy steak with a beautifully browned exterior? Or a grey, lifeless chunk of meat that looks like it was boiled and kept under a heat lamp for the better part of an hour?

I know what I’d choose…

That’s the difference a good light fixture can make. Lights like our Venice wall mounted light fixtures. American steel fixtures can make the difference, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere that’ll make any patron hungry for what’s on the menu.

Love At First Sight

Most of the time, the first point of contact between you and a customer will be when they see your logo or sign above your store.

Maybe it was something about the font? Or the color? Maybe you have a charming or ironic name that disarms people into taking a chance. Regardless, people are coming in through the doors and seeing what you have in-store.

It’s a nice thought, and definitely, something that every business owner across America hopes will happen when a new pair of eyes peers towards them.

But what happens when those eyes can’t see the sign? Or worse, what happens when they can’t see the sign very well?

We’ve all seen it, the large sign for a business with the ever flickering single light giving an oddly ominous tone to the building that reminds us more of stingy dive bars and abandoned alleyways than they do of respectable businesses.

Maybe it’s not even that, maybe the light is the sort of blanched cold lighting we’ve come to expect from big chain warehouses and corporate megastores, the type of lighting that’s hard to look at when its bright white logo seems to actively be trying to burn itself into your retinas.

It’s that sort of detail that can make the difference and is something we always hope to avoid. Our Gardena light fixtures make the perfect solution, creating an awesome, even style of lighting that makes a small business pop, and with its all-steel construction and rustproof powder coating, it’ll never make your signage look anything less than what it’s meant to be.

Just check out below and see how these brick and mortar businesses can look that extra bit special under a set of black powder-coated steel Gardena fixtures.

Let Your Business Shine

It’s not all about the food and signage though.

Having a business and running it well with a good presentation of your products or services is monumental regardless of the product type, whether that’s creating the right atmosphere for a fledgling cafe or having the right look for a trendy thrift store. The potential is huge.

So let’s think bigger about a product or service that would benefit from some choice lighting.


Ok, got it! Cars.

Yeah! Cars!

Think of it this way, what sort of product better benefits from an awesome lighting setup that can make all the effort that goes into its design better than a car. It’s the reason why so many commercials for cars always have them driving around at night or through endless tunnels, because all of those lines and curves on the body, the crisp dark leather of the interior, and the reflections of the glass all look a thousand times better when you can a whole series of different styles of light moving along the bodywork.

For this, our Gooseneck range of Gardena or Toponga lights really come into their own, being able to illuminate any garage, whether they’re commercial or private, to an awesome level of coverage, and providing the sort of even light that’ll make all the finer design points of a new, or vintage, vehicle all the more stylish.

Even better, our galvanized range of Gardena and Toponga wall mounted lights provide the perfect industrial edge for your fixtures, making your car look all the more appealing under a brilliant metallic shine.

Just check out below what we mean, with a pair of white powder-coated Toponga style light fixtures being put to amazing use to upgrade a handsome garage into something so much more.

The Topanga wall mounted light fixture in white

To be honest,  we could go on for hours showing how nerdy we can get about lights and the various ways they can work to increase the visibility of your business, but since you’ve read this far, we figure you’ve probably gotten the picture.

Just do us a favor and have a look through the shop, or our Instagram, and see for yourself what a good lighting setup can do to make a regular business pop into something special!