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As a full time registered nurse, wife and mama (of 3 humans and 3 fur babies), Stacey Rossetti is adding Modern Farmhouse charm to her builder grade home with help from her husband, John. From small, budget-conscious DIY projects to major renovations, Stacey admits she has a passion for wanting to remodel every square inch of her home.

SL: It’s hard to keep track- how many of our lights do you have now?

SR: Let’s see… including the two that we are going to be installing on the outside of our garage… I believe it’s 8. Yeah, eight.

SL: And your favorite?

SR: Oh, The Malibu! The pendant we have in our laundry room.
I just- when it came [in the mail] we were kind of holding it like Oh my gosh, this light! It was made for the space – which was originally a coat closet and then a closed-off space that used to really only have enough room for the washer and dryer *she laughs* really claustrophobic.

“Gone are the days of hiding the laundry room behind closed doors!”

SL: Sounds like some dark times?

SR: Oh things were dark… Not that open, airy inviting feeling we were looking for.

SL: I see what you did there… for those joining us at home, who’s we?

SR: Me and my husband always have projects to tackle- and we do most of it on our own. Next big project *fingers crossed* is the master bathroom – it’s really the last space on the inside of the house that needs redone.

SL: And arguably the most important… Right?

SR: *laughs* Oh yeah, absolutely! Everybody’s going through there- the kids brush their teeth in there, the morning rush…

SL:  Okay- what’s your biggest driving force of inspiration

SR:  The way we bought the house, the majority of it was not very open or functional. Things were closed off and dark, and I’d describe our style as mostly Farmhouse style, where things just need to be functional, look clean and bright. With farmhouse style there are so many options. It’s such a classic look that people love to make their own. 

SL:  Speaking of making things your own, have you always been into the DIY lifestyle?

SR:  So my dad is a “semi-retired” contractor. That’s where I get my passion- growing up seeing my dad doing it. He’s built houses from the ground up and he’s done remodeling. He’s done everything from big projects to small projects- if I’m stuck on something I’m like Oh Dad how do i do this? I go to him…

SL: So you caught the bug from him growing up?

SR:  Well, when I was little, I wasn’t that into it… I would be on the sidelines watching but never actually help. It wasn’t until, you know, I became an adult and got my own house, that I thought- you know what, If my dad can do this, I can do it. And then I started little projects like building furniture here and there, and then moved on to completely remodeling whole rooms…. admittedly, with a little guidance from him. *chuckles*

SL:  So now that you’re off the sidelines, and doing these projects with your husband, what’s the dynamic like?

SR:  I’m the boss. It has to be my way or it’s not right. I’m a little OCD about the way things need to be done but he loves to help because we get to spend time together that way- but even if you were to ask him… he’d say I’m the boss.

SL:  Good, it’s nice to be on the same page when you’re spending your one-on-one free time in confined remodeling spaces…

SR:  Absolutely. We both work full time, and each have long commutes, we have kids and three dogs… I mean- it’s hectic. So it’s usually our Sundays when there’s nothing to do – it’s just something we both like – and he wasn’t into it at first. But once he saw how much I loved it he thought well if I want to spend time with my wife, I better start to like this stuff too. 

SL:  Smart guy!

SR:  As time has gone on he’s really grown into it- a few weeks ago I got home from work and we had a new front door delivered. When I came home he had the old one completely ripped out and did such a good job on his own! 

SL:  Awwwwww.

SR:  Yeah. I think it brings us closer together now that we have something we’re both really into and passionate about and we can share that.

SL: Speaking of the warm and fuzzies, what else do you and your husband love about putting your projects together?

SR:  We’re huge supporters of U.S. based companies and that’s what really drew me to Steel Lighting Co. in the beginning. Of course all of the lights are beautiful, but to be able to get this product that we know is high quality, and to support a company in the US that’s doing it right – it’s our main deciding factor.

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So yeah, here at our homebase in sunny southern California, we make lights… just lights. To put it modestly, our quality, handcrafted lights can help turn your Connecticut coat closets and dark corners into a laundry room you actually want to show off – and while we’re at it – Steel Lighting Co. can turn your honey do list into honey won’t you join me?

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