Add a Pop of Color to Your Rooms with These Sturdy Steel Lights

Listen, it goes with saying that steel lights look elegant and beautiful, and they add a lot of interest to your living space.

However, the usual black/silver color gets pretty boring pretty quickly. You want your home to look bright and cheerful, and light fixtures play an important role in bringing your color scheme together and making it all work for you. 

Well, it just so happens that we’ve solved that little problem by creating a range of colors for our steel lights that are bound to suit any occasion or space. 

So, let’s talk about how colorful light fixtures can improve the look of your home:

In Kitchens

The kitchen is, in most ways, the center of your home, the hub of all activity, so we wanted to list it first. It’s a place where you spend a lot of time, so it’s important that you love how your kitchen looks. A drab, uninspiring kitchen will directly affect not only your mood but also your food!

So, jazz up your kitchen with some of our awesome steel lights. You can work them into most décor themes, from country to modern, or even minimalistic, and they’ll look both cheery and graceful, with their bright color and classic design.

Ceiling mounted light fixtures in black

Wall Lights

Our colorful wall lights will add some fun to your kitchen. Position them above an item you want to focus attention on because these lights add a lot of style to any room. They’re sure to be the focus of interest when your friends and neighbors spot them for the first time.

Wall lights in red, green, or bronze will not only look great but will also provide useful illumination when placed above a kitchen island. If your kitchen looks a bit dark, lighten the space up with some lights – you can never have enough lights!

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling mounted lights look classic, and you can never go wrong with a row of them (or even a single one placed above a centrally located kitchen island. It makes the island the focus, so if you have a fancy granite or quartz countertop, you can show it off with these lights.

Use our colorful ceiling lights to light up the kitchen. They’re attention-grabbing, so make sure they’re placed well, or you might direct attention to the wrong places.

The Green Manhattan Ceiling Mounted Kitchen Light From Steel Lighting Co.

In Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your sanctuary – it’s where you spend a third of your life, and it’s a place that should resonate with you, and make you feel good. If your bedroom feels boring, you need to correct it ASAP, because the environment we live in has a huge impact on our mental state.

Luckily, improving a drab-looking bedroom is pretty easy – just add some lights! Our steel lights aren’t just objects that provide illumination, they’re little pieces of art. We’ve lovingly designed these lights for different spaces and uses, and you’re sure to love them once they’re installed in your home.

Wall Lights

Our selection of eye-popping wall lights will brighten up any bedroom, and take it from drab to fab. Most people like to decorate their bedroom with interesting themes such as a beach theme or a navy theme, and the great thing about black steel lights is that they work almost everywhere.

However, sometimes you want a little color – for a highlight, or just to further a color scheme.

You can get red wall lights for warm-toned color schemes, bronze lights for a classy, relaxed look, white lights for a minimalistic bedroom, and green lights for an organic theme – think browns, grays, and greens.

Wall mounted Light fixtures in black

Ceiling Lights

Choosing the right lights for your bedroom is just as important as choosing the right color for its walls. While lights don’t occupy a fraction of the space walls do, they come in lots of unique designs that make them attention-grabbing and interesting. Plus, they’re the light source, so on a practical level, it’s important that you find the right lights.

Our ceiling lights are built to last. Their colorful exterior makes them an excellent addition to any room – whether it’s the master bedroom, guest bedroom, or even your kids’ bedrooms. Find something that you really love, and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes to your bedroom!

In Living Rooms

It’s the place guests see first, so it’s a room that needs some extra attention. While a spacious living room is ideal, you can also do a lot with a small space. Lights are the x-factor that brings your living room together – whether it’s a large space, or small. Use them to further your color scheme, to add interest to empty spaces, or to brighten up an area.

The wonderful thing about colorful lights is that they brighten up a space even when they’re switched off. The color livens up the room and catches the eye. So, you can use our color steel lights to complete the look of your living room.

Wall Lights

Wall-mounted lights are great for highlighting a piece of art or something you’re especially proud of, like artifacts or things you’ve collected while traveling. They also add light to the space, and if the light fixtures look gorgeous (like ours), the light fixture itself adds something to the art piece.

Choose a light that complements not just the room, but the item being highlighted. We have lights available in various different colors – from fiery red to emerald green and blissful white – so you can take your pick.

Wall mounted light fixtures above pictures in black

Ceiling Lights

Ceilings are usually pretty boring, but you can draw your guests’ eyes a little higher by installing beautiful light fixtures on your ceiling. Colorful lights can act as an accent piece, so if you don’t have much going on in an area, you can use our lights to make your space feel more ‘full’.

Our ceiling-mounted lights are elegant-looking and will look great placed over your coffee table, kitchen island, or really, above a table of any kind. Place them strategically so you can get the most out of them. They come in lots of attractive designs that will add to the look of any space.

Green Eagle Rock ceiling light in living room

This was our guide on how to use colorful steel lights in your home. You can also install these lights in bathrooms, studies, in corridors, or outdoors. They’ll look great anywhere, and will stand the test of time. You can see our color steel lights here – click on the colors in the boxes to see more pictures.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions about our products, get in touch by emailing us at


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