Matte Black-Interior Lights

Simplified, rustic, modern lighting. The clean lines of our designs paired with the stripped-down metallic look of our galvanized lights bring a stylish industrial feel to any space you design. Our indoor & outdoor approved galvanized light fixtures are a perfect fit for barnhouses, farmhouses and all decor styles inbetween!

Matte Black-Interior Wall Lights

Our galvanized lights create a clean industrial look for your space. The wall-mounted galvanized lights are perfect for stylish porch lights, bold outdoor barn lights, illuminating store signage and the modern laundry room.

Matte Black-Interior Ceiling Lights

Galvanized pendant lights bring a steely, fresh look to any design. The ceiling mounted galvanized lights fit well in any indoor or outdoor design, from bathroom vanity or restaurant bar to a modern rustic barn or garage. Galvanized pendants from large to small can bring a special brightness to each space!

You’ll be glad to know that all Steel Lighting Co. products are handmade in California with skilled craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. So whether your ceiling light is destined for a cozy kitchen or the great outdoors, it will stand the test of time and fulfill its purpose with resilience and long-suffering. Though we hope you buy many lights in the years to come, you will not be buying replacements. But, instead, adding to your display of quality, durable, stunning Steel Lighting Co. light fixtures.