We are proud to be certified with the

International Dark-Sky Association

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is the recognized authority on light pollution and is the leading organization combating light pollution worldwide.

Steel Lighting has been recognized by the IDA for our fully-shielded dark sky compliant outdoor lighting that minimizes the amount of blue light being added to the nighttime environment.

what is light polution?

Excessive use of artificial light has many negative impacts on the environment and significantly impairs our view of the universe. Light pollution is caused by interior and exterior lighting that is improperly shielded, too bright, or inefficient. The subsequent glare causes discomfort to those around it and causes Skyglow which brightens the night sky. Light falling where it is unnecessary causes Light trespass and Clutter.

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what can we do about light pollution?

Environmentally conscious consumers have the opportunity to reduce Light Pollution by installing lighting that is properly shielded and efficient. Choosing a Steel Lighting Dark Sky compliant light fixture is a simple way to reduce blue light emissions, limit light trespass and contribute to a pollution-free night sky. Remember to use your Dark Sky Approved Lighting wisely and ensure it is only on when needed, only lighting the area required, and is no brighter than necessary.

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what does “dark sky compliant” mean?

For indoor lighting, dark sky compliant includes lights that are fully-shielded and point downward in order to ensure minimal light trespass. Dark sky compliant interior lighting should also be wisely managed with the use of timers and window blinds in so that the lighting does not have an impact on the night sky.

For outdoor lighting, dark sky compliant includes lights that cause as little sky-glow as possible by only lighting the intended area. This is achieved by using fully-shielded exterior lighting that aims the light to the ground instead of the night sky. The use of dark sky compliant light bulbs and light controls, such as a timer or motion sensor, is also a must!

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what is “light shielding”?

A fully-shielded light fixture greatly reduces light pollution by directing light to only the intended area instead of to the night sky. Since 20%-50% of poorly shielded outdoor residential lighting is lost to the night sky, using Dark Sky compliant outdoor lighting makes a positive impact on the environment while also giving you optimal lighting. All Steel Lighting light fixtures are designed with a solid barrier around the bulb to direct light away from our amazing night sky and toward a brighter future.

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