Hot Farmhouse Design Trends We Expect for 2023

Upgrade Your Farmhouse Style

Here’s the exclusive scoop on the trends that are set to take over the modern farmhouse decor stage in 2023. Note every detail and have fun executing these design elements. Your farmhouse is about to get “hotter” than it was last year!

 From Simple to Sophisticated

Farmhouse designs are known to be glamorously simple and understated. However, we won’t be seeing these “cliche” designs anymore in 2023, as decorators are taking it a step further.

Wood is still the Boss

Wood has been an important attribute of the modern farmhouse design, and in 2023, this indispensable design feature isn’t going anywhere but making upgrades. While older farmhouse design trends utilized wood as a structural piece, the 2022 design plans to explore its decorative uses.

Plants and Greens

There’s no better way to invite rustic and organic charm into your farmhouse than with plants. While it is enough to sprinkle your walls with nature-based paintings and art, it isn’t quite the same as placing potted plants and botanical greens in your farmhouse living room or kitchen.



Granted, this trend has consistently appeared over the years but this time there’s an update! As opposed to infusing new decor elements in your space to stay true to the “modern and rustic” theme,  you’d be interpreting your existing theme differently but exceptionally.

Modern Decor Meets Rustic Panache

As far as the 2023 modern farmhouse decor trend is concerned, there’s nothing like too much texture. Don’t get us wrong — matte surfaces, cotton, linen, and planks are all adorable and quite irresistible. But textures and prints just take interior design to a whole other level!

Textures, Textures, and Textures