Enter Our Video Competition!

We’re excited to host our first-ever video competition for a chance to win a $300 refund! Want to enter? See the details below.

The rules are simple.

Upload the footage of you reviewing one, or several, of our lights in an interview-style video with shots of our lights to enter to win a $300 refund on your order from Steel Lighting Co.!* The winner will be announced on March 1st through email.

End Date for Submissions: March 1st.

*If your order was less than $300, the difference will be given to you as in store credit.



Use a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is horizontal on a phone or standard camera for all video shots. This allows higher definition for video editing purposes.


Two Types of Shots

One video where you talk about why you chose Steel Lighting Co. and second with panning shots of our lights installed.


Don’t worry, we understand that editing can be intimidating, just send us the two styles of shots listed above and we’ll take care of the rest.


Please keep the videos between 30 and 90 seconds long.


We’ve been honored to participate in collaborations with various people, from influencers to farmers to those who wanted American-made lighting. Here are some example videos from previous submissions that we’re very fond of:

Jefferson Bethke


Please feel free to bring your personality and the unique placement of your lights into the video. We have been so thrilled to see how people use our lights and are so excited to see a snippet of your story and how you use our lights!

Tips to Making a Winning Entry

In the background of the video we would like to see the lights that you installed. Please be sure to make the shot as clean as possible without any unnecessary personal items visible.

For the product panning shots, please ensure the environment is clean and appealing and well lit. Even though the lighting from the product comes through better at night, for this video we prefer that you shoot during the day so that we can see the product itself.
Please include close-ups of the light(s) as well as shots showing the entire space that you have chosen to install the lights.
Sound is critical for a video like this, so please be sure to eliminate as much outside sound as possible while filming your video and speak loud and clear while shooting.

And most importantly smile!

Steer Clear Of…

Blurry or unclear shots

Excessive movement or shakiness

Poor lighting conditions.

Background noise.

Background visual distractions.

Submit your video

Video contest entry

Max. file size: 700 MB.